mardi 26 février 2013

Download Yahoo! Axis (Extension) 1.0.84 Free

Download Yahoo! Axis (Extension) 1.0.84 Free

Yahoo! Axis is a browser extension that allows you to surf the internet with Yahoo! integrated search functions.

If you're a big Yahoo! user, the company that brought you the popular search engine and online community has just taken a big step in making your web search experience more convenient.

Yahoo! Axis is a browser extension that integrates into the bottom of your screen as a search bar. Type in your search query and it'll pull up relevant results in a pop-up that takes up the bottom one third of your browser screen. The reason for the size is that searching with Yahoo! Axis is a visual experience. You'll receive a strip of preview thumbnails on all sites your search query brings up.

If you see something you like on Yahoo! Axis, just click the white star to the right of your search box to add the site to your bookmarks for later viewing. You can also return to the Yahoo! Axis full-screen home page to browse through your favorites and sites you want to read at a later point in time.

Device syncing is also a great feature of Yahoo! Axis. You can sign in through multiple devices so you can essentially pick up anywhere you left off between your computer, mobile device, and even your iPad.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Axis's search button can get annoying pretty quickly as it sits at the bottom of your browser screen, whether you're in the mood to use it or not. Accidentally sliding your mouse over it can also become disorienting, or even freeze up your browser in certain instances. It also doesn't include functions that show up in the iOS version like your search history.

Loyal Yahoo! users will appreciate the added functionality that comes with Yahoo! Axis, where others just might find the permanent browser search bar a bit irksome.


Clicking the 'Download' button will take you to Yahoo's website where you can install the Axis browser extension.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast loading search results
  • Includes thumbnail site previews
  • No option to hide search bar

Download Yahoo! Axis (Extension) 1.0.84

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Download Songbird 1.10.3 Free

Download Songbird 1.10.3 Free

When it comes to audio players, most people choose between the three or four most popular apps: iTunes, Winamp, VLC, AIMP Player? but there are many other interesting choices like Songbird.

Songbird is an open-source music player and organizer with which you can manage, play and discover music. It's free, cross-platform, highly customizable thanks to a wide variety of plug-ins and can be improved and extended by the contribution of its user community.

The first thing you'll notice about Songbird is its resemblance to the iTunes interface, which means that if you've ever used iTunes you won't have any problem in learning how to use Songbird. Then, as you explore the program's menus and options, you'll start discovering all the goodies it has to offer.

Songbird automatically imports your music files from a selected folder, monitors that folder for future music additions, organizes your music in a handy, easily browsable catalog, is compatible with iTunes and libraries, can be controlled from any other app thanks to global hotkeys and also supports scrobbling. It also includes album art and a simple equalizer.

Songbird is such a complete tool that's hard to find negative sides to it. Plus there's an army of developers constantly working on improvements and new features. The only thing I missed so far, in fact, is support for podcasts ? which I'm sure will probably be added some time soon.

Songbird is a complete, full-featured music player and organizer with support for plug-ins and an extensive user community.

Recent changes

  • Playlist and track sync with Android devices has been improved.
  • Added official support for Google/Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC Evo 3D, and Galaxy Nexus.
  • The issue with WMA tracks not being playable after updating to 1.10.1 should be resolved.
  • When creating a Smart Playlist with the criteria of "Playlist is Library", Songbird no longer crashes.


  • Songbird may crash while mounting a device. ( bug 22960)
  • The blue dots that indicate tracks on a device that are not yet in the main library may not display until the line is hovered over. ( bug 23711)
  • Video recordings transferred from devices may have a generic name and metadata inside Songbird. ( bug 23826)
  • Removable storage in phones (mostly Samsungs) is not always detected if the phone is connected while Songbird is running. ( bug 25336)

  • For more details, see full changelog
  • Easy to use, especially for iTunes users
  • Organizes your music in a handy catalog
  • Downloads album art
  • Support for global hotkeys
  • Monitors music folder to keep your library updated
  • No support for podcasts

Download Songbird 1.10.3

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Download Web Creator Pro Free

Download Web Creator Pro Free

Web Creator is a very handy app that lets you create personalized, professional-looking websites, without the need for a bunch of complicated coding knowledge.

This is perfect, because without apps like Web Creator, you either need to study hard, or make a website-like blog. Although blogs are great, they're just not as flexible as a real website. If you need features like social media integration, online payment systems, product showcasing or online forms, then Web Creator is the app for you.

Web Creator opens with a wizard that will allow you to create the basic framework of your site. This is a very simple process - follow the prompts, choose what looks most suitable from the options presented and press next until you're ready for your website template to be created.

Once the Web Creator template is ready, it's time to add your own personal content. Although the interface for this part of the process is a little more complex, it's still entirely user-friendly. The only problem, in fact, is that it's not very attractive-looking, but it is functional, which means that the old-fashioned looks can be forgiven.

From here, it's just a matter of importing content into your Web Creator template. You can do this in lots of ways - typing directly on the website, dragging and dropping elements, or clicking the options down the left or in the menu bar tabs for more areas to change - adding social media elements, multimedia options, new sections, new pages, buttons, menus and more are only a click or two away.

Once you've finished using Web Creator to tweak your site to perfection, you can preview it in a variety of browsers from within the app. When you're sure it looks good, it's time to run some of the tools under Web (here Web Creator includes SEO and analytics tools, essential for ensuring a successful website), and upload the project to your personal server.

If you're just starting out in web design, but don't want to fall short on an important project, Web Creator is an excellent tool.

Web Creator supports the following formats


  • Very easy to use
  • Great selection of features
  • Ugly interface

Download Web Creator Pro

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Download Adobe After Effects Professional C6 11.0.1 Free

Download Adobe After Effects Professional C6 11.0.1 Free

Adobe After Effects is the market?s leading software in the creation of special effects for motion graphics and moving images.

In this sense, Adobe After Effects is like Photoshop for video. It features tools that are similar to Adobe?s popular image editor, only adapted to video. As an example, one of its newest tools, RotoBrush, works as Photoshop?s Magic Wand, enabling you to select silhouettes and place characters against any background without requiring a chroma screen.

Adobe After Effects also includes more video-specific tools, such as Auto-Keyframe, which creates key frames automatically where you apply a video effect, and the Mesh warp effect in 3D, thanks to which you?ll be able to warp and distort your video as it if was a plain image.

But if there?s something outstanding about Adobe After Effects, that?s its third-party plug-ins. Mocha, for example, is an advanced tracking system that helps you in the creation and adjustment of scenes. Another excellent Adobe After Effects plug-in is Color Finesse, with which you can work with color in your video like you?ve never done before.

The most recent version of Adobe After Effects has noticeably improved its performance. On the downside, now it?s only available for 64-bit computers.

Adobe After Effects is the most powerful, complete solution for motion graphics and video effects.

Recent changes
  • New:

  • The Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 (a new Kepler-class GPU) can now be used for GPU acceleration of the ray-traced 3D renderer on Windows. See this page for details of GPU features in After Effects CS6. Note: An additional delay (approximately one minute) will occur the first time that you start After Effects with a Kepler-class GPU as the new ray-traced 3D library is initialized. Installation of updated display drivers may require this initialization step again.
  • Enabled basic support for the AtomKraft composition renderer (requires plug-ins from Jupiter Jazz).

  • Bug Fixes:

  • Several bugs with the global performance cache were fixed, which were causing the cache to not be invalidated at some times when it should have been. This meant that sometimes old, invalid image information was being read from the cache and used instead of re-rendering when an aspect of the composition had changed.

  • If you encounter a remaining bug of this sort, purging the cache will generally fix the problem (choosing Edit > Purge > All Image Memory to clear RAM cache and Empty Disk Cache in Media & Disk Cache preferences to clear disk cache). If you encounter such a bug after installing this update, let us know by submitting a detailed bug report, being especially certain to list any third-party effects used.

  • One remaining known issue of this sort relates to font substitution: If you load a project with a missing font, After Effects will substitute a placeholder font. If you then install the missing font, After Effects may not update cached image information with the new font. So, if you install a font after loading a project for which that font was reported as missing, purge the cache to force the cached image information to be updated with the new font.
  • Effects that use the composition camera (e.g., Shatter) did not render correctly in orthogonal and custom views, or when changing the active camera.
  • After Effects would crash when evaluating some expressions, including expressions added by the Ease & Wizz script, expressions using the this keyword, in-line functions, and nested functions.
  • After Effects was returning an error "After Effects Error: Ray Traced 3D: ... (5070::0)" under various circumstances. Several of these have been isolated and fixed. If you get such an error message after installing this update, let us know by submitting a detailed bug report.
  • Crash on quit if Nvidia cards running in Maximus configuration are running in TCC mode (on Windows).
  • Crash using 3D Camera Tracker effect.
  • Crash resetting Puppet effect.
  • Unexpected results using Mask Feather tool in various circumstances.
  • Black frames appeared in MXF footage from Canon EOS C300 camera.
  • Canon 5D MKIII 720p footage was imported with the wrong timecode.
  • Error occurred when setting a proxy to a nested composition: "After Effects error: Internal verification failure, sorry! {Src and dest bitdepths are different in PF_World::CopyRect} (37::109)"
  • Snapping and using the J and K keys to move to keyframes and other items in the Graph Editor didn't work.
  • Using the Clone Stamp tool expanded property groups in the Timeline panel.
  • SDK: The AUTOMATIC_WIDE_TIME flag was not working correctly with the NON_PARAM_VARY flag.
  • SDK: The AUTOMATIC_WIDE_TIME flag was returning an empty region when attempting to check out a layer at the current time.

For technical reasons, the Softonic Free Download links to the developer's download page. You must create a free Adobe account there in order to download the file.

  • Complete video special effects
  • Lots of tools and filters
  • Fully integrated with Adobe Premiere
  • Collection of handy plug-ins
  • Heavy on system resources
  • Not easy for newcomers

Download Adobe After Effects Professional C6 11.0.1

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lundi 25 février 2013

Download Free iPad Video Converter 2.9.8 Free

Download Free iPad Video Converter 2.9.8 Free

Free iPad Video Converter is a no-frills video conversion program. It will convert from WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2 and more to MP4, the right format for viewing on your iPad.

In honesty, Free iPad Video Converter is just a repackaged, limited-feature version of Aneesoft iPad Video Converter, but the main function - converting videos to iPad format - works just fine. If there's one word that describes Free iPad Video Converter, it's "average". The interface is fine, the options are fine, and the result is fine. If you're looking for a quick, free fix, however, this might be just fine by you.

Free iPad Video Converter does have two features in its favor - you can perform batch conversions of videos, and you can have the app automatically shut the computer down once you've finished, which ties in great with batch conversions. Strangely, when you actually hit the Start button, it gives you a notice saying that the feature is only available in the Pro version, but hit No thanks, and the conversion proceeds as normal.

Free iPad Video Converter won't knock your socks off, but it does a simple job well.

Free iPad Video Converter supports the following formats

WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2 to iPad

  • Batch conversions
  • Auto-shutdown feature
  • Free!
  • Lacks advanced options
  • Nothing special

Download Free iPad Video Converter 2.9.8

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Download Auslogics BitReplica Free

Download Auslogics BitReplica Free

Auslogics BitReplica is a simple, approachable backup solution that all computer users will be able to use with ease.

Auslogicsis famous for user-friendly software, and Auslogics BitReplica is no exception. Although probably a little light on configurable options for more advanced users, it's a great backup app for beginners, or those who just want the simple option. So, what makes Auslogics BitReplica so easy to use?

Well, for a start, getting around Auslogics BitReplica and setting up your backup couldn't be easier. Hit + New Profile and follow the steps - the app even prompts you at the end of each stop, so you'll be in no doubt what to do next. Once you have a profile set up, you can set up more, so that Auslogics BitReplica can cater for different backup scenarios.

When you set up your profiles, Auslogics BitReplica will allow you to specify the frequency with which you want to back up. For example, you might want to back up your documents once a week, but your photo collection, only once a month. The program allows for this, but you can also backup everything on a once-off basis by hitting Run All Profiles.

That's pretty much where the Auslogics BitReplica's options end, but as long as you have a post-backup strategy planned, most users won't need anything else. By post-backup strategy, we mean that you have to plan for where to store your backups - there's no point backing up to your E: drive and then leaving it there, as you need to move the backed-up information to somewhere safe in case your computer is stolen or damaged. There are lots of options for this, including physical storage on a separate device (like an external hard drive) or a cloud-based service, like Dropbox. Just make sure you do actually have one!

Auslogics BitReplica is a great, simple way to back up your most important information.

Review last updated: 19/06/12

  • Nice, clear interface
  • Easy to set up backups
  • Create multiple profiles
  • Not many advanced settings

Download Auslogics BitReplica

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Download Symbaloo Bookmarker for Firefox 0.103 Free

Download Symbaloo Bookmarker for Firefox 0.103 Free

Symbaloo Bookmarker is a very simple - but effective - bookmarker for multi-platform bookmark site, Symbaloo.

If you're not aware of it, Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking site which, obviously enough, gives you access to your bookmarks. It's got apps for iOS, Android, Firefox and Chrome, and aims to let you sync your bookmarks wherever you go.

As you might have guessed, Symbaloo Bookmarker for Firefox allows you to add new bookmarks with a simple click. The extension icon appears in the top right of your browser. When you find a page you want to bookmark, just click. The Symbaloo Bookmarker tool will open up, allowing you to name the bookmark, choose an icon, a color and preview the whole bookmark in real time. Then just hit Create your Bookmark and next time you visit Symbaloo, it will be there.

What's not to like about Symbaloo Bookmarker? Well, as far as this Firefox add-on goes, nothing. It's discreet, functional and works well. The only downside is that you have to be logged into Symbaloo to save anything via Symbaloo Bookmarker, so you can't create a "freestanding", temporary bookmark page.

The main issue is with the Symbaloo service itself. Although the Firefox and mobile apps are slick, the bookmark homepage is ugly, unprofessional and littered with bad grammar and translation mistakes. In all, it isn't really an app we'll be using any time soon.

Symbaloo Bookmarker is an excellent Firefox add-on for Symbaloo. We're not that impressed with the bookmarking service itself, though.

Review last updated: 18/06/12

  • Very easy to use
  • Customize labels
  • Preview in real time
  • Requires you to be logged in

Download Symbaloo Bookmarker for Firefox 0.103

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samedi 2 février 2013

Download Sleeping Dogs Free

Download Sleeping Dogs Free

Sleeping Dogs is a mix of sandbox action and role playing game leveling. It presents a compelling, though sometimes comical, plot that takes you through the mind of an undercover cop who is penetrating the Hong Kong underworld.

There is a lot to experience in Sleeping Dogs, from completing the main story to hijacking armored cars for the Triads. During your time in this fictional version of Hong Kong, you will use a mix of martial arts and weapons to accomplish different tasks from protecting the head of your gang to framing drug dealers.


At the beginning of Sleeping Dogs, you learn about Wei Shen, a San Francisco cop who grew up in both Hong Kong and the United States. He returns to Hong Kong to work deep undercover, making his way up from foot soldier to sub-boss in his gang.

Shen has to work both as a cop and Triad member completing missions that help the police in their case while working as an upcoming member of his gang completing escorts and pickups up. As he works his way up, his missions become more in-depth and the conflict of his undercover status becomes strained as his dedication to the Triads stars to conflict with his police duties.

His dual lives become more and more difficult and ultimately conflict with each other.


Sleeping Dogs focuses on the main story missions and the variety of side-missions as well as collecting briefcases and finding health shrines.

The main story missions consist of police cases and Triad missions. Completing these missions will help level Shen to unlock new abilities like reduced gun recoil, taking less melee damage, and being able to slow down time when stealing a new vehicle.

Side-missions in Sleeping Dogs are small favors which usually require you to destroy cars, deliver goods, or framing rival gangs. There are also persistent side-missions like collecting the various jade statues in Hong Kong. These are used to unlock new martial arts moves. You also have to locate multiple health shrines to increase your health as the game progresses. There are also races that you can complete.

Smaller missions like going on dates with story characters unlock locations for these collectibles. These missions increase your "Face" rating which is a personal level system. While there are different moves learned through completing main missions, the Face rating opens new clothes and vehicles for purchase.

The combat system in Sleeping Dogs is excellent with melee martial arts taking the priority in the game. There are different enemy types requiring different strategies and the counter system is the most useful tool during combat. Learning new moves opens a consistent stream of moves that can be used against enemies, even those with weapons.

Weapon combat consists of melee weapons like knives and crowbars to guns. The melee weapons limit your attacks, but give more damage. Gun combat is polished only requiring a few buttons to aim and fire. Most of the time you will not be using guns except on missions where you have tons of weapons to reload with. Since guns are uncommon in Hong Kong, it is a treat to be able to use them during missions, especially in vehicles.

Using cars and motorcycles is the primary transportation. Each vehicle has their own characteristics, and the ability to purchase different cars and motorcycles is a lot of fun. It does not take long to acquire a lot of money to purchase different vehicles to use.

You will spend a lot of time on the road and thankfully the size of fictional Hong Kong is digestible and actually fun to drive around. The cars have the ability to bump other cars which is useful when running from police or trying to stop an escaping Triad.

There is so much to do in Sleeping Dogs that the smaller size of Hong Kong gives you a perfect amount of freedom while allowing for sandbox gameplay.


Like most stylized games, Sleeping Dogs takes a side-step with realism. Since Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong the majority of characters are Asian. The few Caucasians are thankfully built off different models. Most of the generic characters that fill the world are copy-and-paste, but you do not spend a lot of time with them in particular so it does not matter.

Main and secondary characters have a great amount of detail, though there is a discrepancy of detail from in-game to cutscenes. Sometimes even cutscenes make characters look slightly less detailed.

Hong Kong is split into different sections and each one has its own look giving a different feel as you exit the highway and enter that part. The different towns have a great amount of detail and the vehicles have distinct properties. It looks and feels like a realistic version of Hong Kong from the characters to the architecture of the world.

While not as highly detailed as other games, the immersion Sleeping Dogs provides is excellent.


There's a lot of sound in the game from voice acting to the environment.

Voice acting in Sleeping Dogs is some of the best for the main characters to the funniest for generic people in Hong Kong. The primary cast provide a convincing and great experience. Each of the main cast of characters make the world in Sleeping Dogs feel real.

On the other hand, generic characters are presented with a highly accented English accent that is kind of embarrassing. English is not the primary language in Sleeping Dogs' Hong Kong, so it is strange to hear the accented English.

The world is a lot of fun to listen to. From the radio stations in cars to the markets or populated areas, there is always an immersive amount of sound.

Sleeping Dogs may not have Oscar-caliber voice acting, but it is among the best for sandbox games.

One of the best sandbox games

Sleeping Dogs offers a lot to experience. The Hong Kong setting presents an entirely different tone and theme to sandbox games while offering a polished combat system and driving mechanic. The plot is intriguing for the most part, though some of the side-missions are annoying.

The overall package that Sleeping Dogs offers is amazing. It is nice to finally see a game that presents a world with flawed characters rather than the hero stereotype. The hours of enjoyment that Sleeping Dogs provides is incredible.

Sleeping Dogs is one of the best sandbox action games in 2012.


Clicking the Download button will take you to Sleeping Dogs' Steam page

Review last updated: 21/08/12

  • Excellent and immersive story
  • Great combat gameplay
  • Quality voice acting
  • Small graphic glitches

Download Sleeping Dogs

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Download Stickman 5.6 Free

Download Stickman 5.6 Free

Stickman is a 2D animation tool that places cool animations and short films at the fingertips of most users.

Stickman includes a vast catalog of ready-to-use backgrounds, figures and all kinds of elements. Some are available offline, while to access others, you'll need to be online. There is also a default example animation, which is perfect for starting out, and you can always draw your own.

Stickman opens with a selection of options, including tutorials, videos and the option to open existing programs. We'd recommend watching some tutorials and classes first - Stickman's a great program, but you'll need to put some effort in before you feel comfortable with the program.

Getting help

In general, animation programs are hard to get a handle on, and Stickman's no exception. It offers huge possibilities, but becomes a little complex as a result. You'll be able to create fun animations, that's for sure, but not without putting some work in. Luckily, the program comes with a 30-day trial, which is perfect to give it a whirl, discover all the features, animation mechanisms and extras, and decide if it's the one for you. We think it's definitely worth a shot!

Stickman is a complex - and not the most modern of its type - program, but a little work will allow you to produce awesome stick animations in no time at all.

Recent changes
  • New speech bubble tool in Stickman
  • New image paint action added to Elemento
  • Export of animation data for use in game engines added to Stickman
  • Quick Character enabled directly in the Add Stickman Dialog
  • You can now create figures in Elemento based on a figure from the library
  • using File->New Based On...
  • Stdoc tutorials are made easier to navigate
  • Added howtos to work area
  • Tools are now faster
  • Easier to set offset in animation
  • Selected frame is animated under preview
  • Trial expanded to 30 days
  • Saving disabled in trial version
  • News removed from startup dialog
  • "New Figure" menu added to Stickman
  • "New Scene" menu added to Elemento
  • "Create Character" renamed to "Quick Character"
  • Quick Character is improved
  • Bug fixed in curve tool
  • Includes lots of ready-to-use material
  • Video tutorials
  • Hours of entertainment to be had
  • Quite difficult to use at the beginning
  • Not many sharing options

Download Stickman 5.6

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Download Efficient Diary 3.0 Build 321 Free

Download Efficient Diary 3.0 Build 321 Free

Some people use their blog as a personal diary, and don?t mind other people reading what they're up to. For others, personal diaries are still something private that should be kept secret.

If you're among the latter of these groups, you're going to like Efficient Diary. With this app you can have your personal diary right on your computer, but at the same time keep it away from prying eyes thanks to its password protection.

Efficient Diary features a traditional interface design, with a folder structure on the left side to browse entries, and the right side reserved to display selected entries. It also has a rich-text editor to write your diary, which means you can apply text effects (bold, italics, colors) and insert images. However the editor fails to recognize web and email addresses like other similar tools do, and only accepts multimedia files as attachments.

With Efficient Diary you can organize your entries according to their data and also in customizable groups. The program features also a backup/restore utility with which you can easily create backup copies of your diary.

If you'd like to have a personal diary on your computer, this is the program you need.

Recent changes
  • Bug fix: the software sometimes can not minimize to the system tray in Windows 7
  • Added languages: Korean and French (Canadian)
  • Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed
  • Rich-text editor
  • Protects your diary with a password
  • Backup/restore tool
  • The editor doesn't recognize web or email addresses
  • No support for built-in multimedia files - except photos

Download Efficient Diary 3.0 Build 321

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Download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme for Windows 7 Free

Download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme for Windows 7 Free

If you're a fan of Activision's legendary Call of Duty series, then you're going to love Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme for Windows 7.

This theme is comprehensive and, being for Windows 7, really easy to install. There's no need to mess around with installers and things - just double-click the theme pack and it will automatically install and appear in your theme options. By right-clicking on the desktop, picking personalization and then clicking on the theme, you'll be able to tweak it and see exactly what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 contains.

And what does it offer? Well, by installing this theme pack, you'll get 48 high-resolution wallpapers, 3 system icons, personalized sounds, special cursors and the option to modify your start button. It's a real must for any Call of Duty fan.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme for Windows 7 is a high-quality, complete theme pack that will really bring your desktop to life.

Review last updated: 26/06/12

  • 48 wallpapers
  • Sounds and cursors
  • High quality
  • Cursors not very practical

Download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme for Windows 7

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Download Types 2.0.6 Free

Download Types 2.0.6 Free

If you're anything like me then you're probably installing and uninstalling apps on a daily basis, which usually messes up all file associations in the system.

In that case, you can either repair them manually or run a program like Types. This simple tool lists all the file types available in your system and helps you view and edit their associations with certain apps. This means that, for instance, if you've always opened JPG images with XnView but this association has been taken over by another graphic editor, you can easily restore it with Types. Plus, it doesn't even require installation.

Besides file associations, Types also lets you edit icons, context menu, properties and other features of all file types shown in Windows Explorer. On the downside, the program is not very easy to use and doesn't include any documentation either, so you better know what you're doing before editing anything.

Types can help you restore broken file associations in your system, though it may not be easy to use for a beginner.

Recent changes
  • Fixed extension listing crash
  • Removed Special classes list
  • Handles file associations, icons and more
  • Support for many file types
  • No help included

Download Types 2.0.6

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vendredi 1 février 2013

Download PDF Converter Professional 8 Free

Download PDF Converter Professional 8 Free

PDF Converter Professional is a high-spec PDF suite that will allow you to do almost anything with your PDFs - and then some!

The PDF Converter Professional interface is accessible but sleek. There are bunches of options, reflecting the large variety of tasks you can perform with the software, but a little bit of practice should allow you to find your way around. The program also comes with excellent help documentation, so any queries will be easy to resolve.

PDF Converter Professional is both a PDF viewer and editor. For viewing and reviewing your documents, you have a full selection of layouts, views and commenting, marking, stamping and note-taking tools. When editing documents, you can either import material in other formats and work on them within the program, or create documents and forms from scratch.

Whichever option you choose, PDF Converter Professional provides all the text and editing power you might need. The software also has some pretty impressive security features, as well as good non-editing tools, like a conversion, batch processing and split, merge and compare tools. The PDF editing market used to be a fairly closed one, but tools like PDF Converter Professional will really give the giants like Adobe a run for their money.

If you need advanced PDF editing power, PDF Converter Professional is a great option.

  • Integrates into Outlook and Word
  • Excellent editing options
  • Very good security features
  • Long installation process

Download PDF Converter Professional 8

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Download Shaiya Phoenix Free

Download Shaiya Phoenix Free

Shaiya Phoenix is a free to play fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

If you were a fan of the classic Shaiya, you have the opportunity to return to that world in Shaiya Phoenix. You can opt to play a solo game as you immerse yourself in a war between Light and Dark forces, or else collaborate with other players.

Collaboration is one of the best aspects of Shaiya Phoenix, in that it allows players to more readily tackle larger and tougher monsters. Every time a challenge is won, your efforts are rewarded with new weapons and armor that will help strengthen your character's abilities to take on new challenges.

Shaiya Phoenix features new servers that are separate from the original Shaiya game, which helps avoid lagtime. Economic structure of the game has also been improved to avoid gold inflation and other imbalances in the in-game market.

Graphics in Shaiya Phoenix are good, as are fight physics. The ability to choose your own difficulty mode also makes the game more accessible to newcomers, although the sheer amount of information might overwhelm some at first. If you're a seasoned gamer looking for a challenge, Ultimate Mode is where you'll want to focus. That mode offers permanent death to up the ante.

Shaiya Phoenix is a fun game that will attract fans of the original Shaiya, as well as newcomers to fantasy MMORPGs.

Review last updated: 19/06/12

  • Huge amount of players
  • Solo or player vs. player options
  • Variety of different game modes available
  • Improved in-game economic system
  • Complicated for beginners to learn

Download Shaiya Phoenix

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Download Dishonored Preview Free

Download Dishonored Preview Free

In Dishonored you play Corvo, the ex-bodyguard of the Empress in the city of Dunwall. Wrongly accused of her murder, you are forced into hiding and become an assassin driven to expose your accusers. Corvo has some help with this as he's been given supernatural powers by a mystery force called 'The Outsider'.

Dishonored's Dunwall is a mixture of British Victorian and steampunk styles, so you have classic architecture with Jules Verne-like retro-futuristic machinery. The design in the game is fantastic, and really give Dishonored an interesting atmosphere - Dunwall is ruled cruelly, with the poor segregated and policed by violent steampunk man-machines.

Creative gameplay

Playing Dishonored takes some getting used to. Corvo's powers complicate the controls, but are great fun once you get used to them so are worth the trouble! You can stop time, possess people or animals, see through walls and teleport short distances. Add traditional weapons to this, and you have a fantastic arsenal at your command that you can use really creatively.

The level design is both ingenious and beautuful, especially during the earlier levels. While it's not a fully open world, each level is big, and there are a ton of things to see and places to explore in every one. Finding stealthy routes into a target is really fun, and can get extremely tense as you wait for the right moment to silently slip behind a guard, undiscovered.

Like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you are encouraged to play the way you want. You can be as stealthy as you want to be, and as violent. The more violent you are, the more chaos you create, which means more rats, more guards and an even darker atmosphere. It may even be possible to beat Dishonored without killing anyone, if you can use your powers intelligently enough.


Dishonored looks great, but its stylised graphics may not be to everyone's tastes. The people have exaggerated features, making villains look more villainous and so on. There's a lot of blood, but it comes in cartoonish spurts. The city of Dunwall is the real star though, full of details that enrich the story. It's a complicated complex of streets, ledges, tunnels, buildings and more. Unlike typical first person shooters, Dunwall is an environment you won't rush through, but rather you'll get to know it intimately.

The length of Dishonored really depends how you play it. You could zip through, but that would miss the point. Enjoying Dishonored comes from taking your time, and using all the tools at your disposal.

With all the different ways you can play Dishonored and the multiple endings, Dishonored is a game you'll be able to play through more than once. It's great to have a brand new title to play in a season filled with sequels.

Review last updated: 09/10/12

  • Freedom in how you play
  • Beautifully detailed environments
  • Original
  • Abrupt ending

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Download Cyanidely Free

Cyanidely is a desktop app webcomic reader that runs on the Pokki platform.

If you can't get enough of the sarcastic and often irreverent webcomic Cyanide & Happiness, Cyanidely will help you get your fix. The app lets you read the popular webcomic from your desktop.

Cyanidely is a simple app with an easy to navigate interface. You can browse the webcomic in chronological order or randomly at your discretion. In addition, the app lets you bookmark your favorite strips so you can read them again and again whenever you like.

If you find a comic you just can't keep to yourself, Cyanidely gives you the ability to share it with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you can also choose to open the comic in an actual browser if that's more to your liking.

It would've been nice if the app had included the ability to view more webcomics all in one place. At least Cyanide & Happiness can keep you busy and amused for hours on its own though.

Cyanidely is a simple but nicely designed app for reading the Cyanide & Happiness webcomic from your desktop.


Clicking on the 'Download' link will take you to Pokki's website where you can install Cyanidely.

  • Read Cyanide & Happiness webcomics from your desktop
  • Share your favorite comics on Twitter and Facebook
  • Option to open comics in a browser
  • Doesn't include other popular webcomics

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